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Committee meetings report

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Purpose of meeting reports

As our subcommittee activities increase, the full board needs a way to stay informed without slowing down the work of the subcommittees.


A meeting report is an efficient way for the board to learn about and respond to the needs of the subcommittees at our regular monthly board meetings.


Submit as many reports as needed per month, however, a minimum of one is needed for the board to respond to subcommittee needs. 

If you need an immediate response send an email to

Report details

Each time you submit a form it will be auto-dated, so it may be best to submit reports as soon after a meeting as possible, allowing the executive team time to react to any urgent needs.

  1. Summary of main activities and action steps
    Using numbered bullets, enter a brief summary of activities and action steps you want the board to know about or take action on.

  2. Communication needs
    Using numbered bullets, explain your needs
     such as email blasts, social media posts, broadcast media, mailings/postage, etc. IMPORTANT: Provide dates and times of the communication being posted, mailed, launched, etc.

  3. Timelines or deadlines
    In numbered bullets, provide a description of the
    timeline or deadline, including dates, for any funding, grants, volunteers, or vital resources needed to successfully launch your program or project.

Deadline for reports

Please submit reports one week before regular board meetings to give the board time for review.

Subcommittee meeting report

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Thanks for your report!

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